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Kusakabe Gallery  

Noriyuki Juni

Gift from the earth  -Air floating media 

2020.9.16日(WED)〜 10.18(SUN)​ 

11:00 - 18:00  closed TUE



映像が浮遊するAir floating media の技術と和紙への特殊プリントによって地球の贈り物である鉱物が現れます。











さらに、New lifestyle withコロナに対する1つの提案として、水だけで簡単に貼れる和紙と色再現性が高い印刷技術を用いて、保水性が高い鮮やかな和紙に観葉植物のように除菌水による水やりをして「心も空間もクリーンにする」ような、人間の持つ五感にもアプローチを試みるアートの可能性を模索する展示となる。


Gifts from the Earth


From the Jomon period to the AI era, minerals have been indispensable to us. 

Minerals act as messengers. They allow us to see the Earth as it has transformed over tens of thousands of years and gives us an opportunity to awaken our memory. In parallel, the silent exterior of the Earth’s minerals changes its appearance depending on various light sources and reflects the memory hidden within it.


This particular work uses a technology called “air floating media”, which serves to recreate the natural mystery embodied by the Earth’s minerals. Images of floating minerals stimulate our perception and can act as a guide for the future of photography.


In this work, the floating installation to the space and the addition of negative ions to the air itself intend to reproduce the simulated nature of the entirety of space.


By using Japanese paper that is pasted solely with water and printing technology, the artist aims to epitomize the five senses of human beings by exploring the possibilities of photographic expression.

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